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"Natural Ingredients for Natural Hair Care" is the focus of OBIA Natural Hair Care. The mission of OBIA Natural Hair Care is to produce pH balanced, non-toxic, herbal-based hair care products for natural hair. Our eco-friendly line of hair care products work in all hair textures and this is attributed to the fact that our products are science-based. The products are pH balanced for naturally curly hair, but they also work in transitioning and/or relaxed hair textures. Our brand strives to serve customers who not only care about the way their hair looks and feels, but also about the knowledge of hair maintenance and hair management.

What separates OBIA Natural Hair Care from other companies is that the founder and formulator, Obia Ewah, is a trained chemist. Obia has bachelor degrees in both Chemistry and Biology, as well as a master's degree in Public Health. Obia is also a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and attends seminars and meetings regularly, always seeking new information to help our customers achieve healthy hair. During her third year of medical school, Obia got sick and as a result she became extremely cautious about the foods and products she allowed into her body. Obia decided to go natural and improve her health. When she did the "big chop" in 2010, Obia couldn't find any hair products that could both tame her thick hair and health-conscious ingredients. Obia began tinkering with her own formulations for hair products as a hobby. To her surprise, the concoctions that Obia originally created for her hair alone, worked great for others also! Friends began to ask for and purchase Obia's formulations and that is how OBIA Natural Hair Care was started. The company officially launched in 2012.

It's rare to find that the scientist formulating the products also uses the products! With a strong base of scientific knowledge, Obia is very particular about the ingredients that she uses to formulate OBIA Natural Hair Care. Our products do not contain any toxins or carcinogens. Not only is the entire OBIA Natural Hair Care line of products vegan, our products also do not contain: mineral oil, sulfates, petroleum, artificial colors, drying alcohols, silicone, or gluten. All preservatives used are free from parabens and formaldehyde, and our fragrances are pthalate free. OBIA Natural Hair Care promotes recycling and our products are cruelty-free. We are a proud partner of the "Campaign for Safe Cosmetics".

The OBIA Natural Hair Care product line continues to grow in order to address our customers' hair needs and concerns. We invite you to join us on this journey and choose high-quality hair care products that are formulated with your health in mind!

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Obia (pronounced "oh-bee-yah") means first daughter in the Lokaa language, our founders native tongue. Obia is from the Yakurr people of Nigeria whom are from in Cross River State. And yes, she is the first daughter of her family!